Elasticsearch bulk indexing from the command line

If you need to import some json documents into Elasticsearch, but don't want to install all kind of third party tooling or java, just install jq. cat file.json | jq »

How to fix Responsible Disclosure

tl;dr: Adding responsible disclosure information to robots.txt can help save time. Companies don’t want to fix their site’s vulnerabilities. At least, it seems that way from »

Running Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services with Rancher

As everyone is aware, Amazon has EC2 Container Services, the Amazon solutions for running docker containers. I haven't had much luck with this, so now I'm testing Rancher and Kubernetes »


Reviewing code with VIM and Exuberant Ctags

While reviewing code you'll spend a lot of time swapping between different files, objects and methods. VIM has support for easily navigating through tags, using files created by Ctags (Exuberant »

Using Elasticsearch snapshots with Minio repository

This article shows you how to configure Elasticsearch to store snapshots and metadata in Minio. Minio is an object storage server built for cloud application developers and devops and compatible »