Reviewing code with VIM and Exuberant Ctags

While reviewing code you'll spend a lot of time swapping between different files, objects and methods. VIM has support for easily navigating through tags, using files created by Ctags (Exuberant Ctags). Ctags will generate a tags file for a lot of programming languages.

The current folder can be recursively indexed with Ctags using the following command:

ctags -R *  

Ctags has created a file named tags in the current folder.

VIM can be started with -t {tag} where VIM will open with the position and file of the tag:

vim -t {tag}  

Navigating through tags in VIM works with :tag {tag} where tag can be a regex or Ctrl + ] on a tag. All navigations will be added to the tag stack, allowing quick back and forth navigation. Using Ctrl + T you'll navigate backwards on the tag stack. The stack can be shown with :tags, where > points to the active entry.

:tselect {ident} shows all tags that matches {ident}.

There are a lot more options, you can show them using :help tag.