Creating console applications in Golang

Creating a few console applications in the past I worked near to the ideal (for me at least) setup to created console applications. The following article I'll show you how »

Common assembler patterns explained

Work in progress article to explain much-seen assembler patterns with their accompanying source code. Static variables Static variables are located in the section .rodata. source char *str="Hello world"; printf( »

Getting started with Radare2

During the Boston Key Party, I decided to learn Radare2 the hard way. That means only to be allowed to use radare2 during the pown-ing exercises. In this article I'm »

Using newer libcurl on OSX

When trying wpscan ( on a ssl enabled site, I got the following error: [!] The WordPress URL supplied 'https://***/' seems to be down By applying »

Go Patterns: Handling configuration (files)

Configuration can be done on a lot of different manners. This is the pattern I like the most, and gives me all the flexibility I'd need. There are a lot »