OpenResty (Nginx) with dynamically generated certificates

tl;dr: generate dynamic certificates on the fly with nginx. Dynamically generated certificates can be used as a solution for web inspection (on both url and content) and blocking (for »

Transparant proxying with Nginx

Using transparant proxying, you can intercept traffic and route this through other processes. The other processes are still aware of the original client address of the request. This patch implements »

Compiling OpenResty (Nginx) with SSL extensions for LUA

The Lua SSL extensions for OpenResty enables you to use LUA to script SSL operations. For example, you can use this code to switch the SSL certificate depending on the »

Installing drivers Linksys AE1000 on Linux

This article shows you how to install the Linksys AE1000 drivers from the manufacturer. This driver has some advantages over the Linux default driver. root@packer-vmware-iso:/usr/local/src/DPO_ »

Dynamic .NET code in sandbox

If you need to run untrusted C# code, you should run it in a C# sandbox. This code will first compile the code and then run it inside a sandobx »