Scheduling Wordpress jobs using cron

Scheduling Wordpress jobs using cron will be more stable then depending on the default Wordpress scheduler. The scheduler will only work when there is traffic. Create the file /etc/cron. »

Creating quality pull requests

(work in progress article) Github, bitbucket and others are offering great ways to contribute to other projects by forking the project and creating pull requests. In this article I'll share »

Bisecting kernel errors

Today I tried to run the latest kernel from Linus on VMWare Fusion. The new kernel stuck at Booting. Nothing more. Now you can just manually check through the previous »

About Google Santa

Santa is a white- and blacklisting daemon for OSX used by Google internally and maintained by the Google Macintosh Operations Team. And gladly they have opensourced the code on Github. »

Kubernetes: First steps on Amazon AWS

Start a new Amazon Linux instance. For example a t3.medium. Log-in and configure the aws tools. Best practice is to create a new IAM user, assign permissions (PowerUserAccess + iam: »